Using The "IN" Campaign

The "in" campaign for the City of Wilmington is catchy, accurate and extremely versatile!

Your organization, event, company or neighborhood is encouraged to utilize the imagery and phrasing of the campaign in your promotional materials!

How do I use the "in" campaign?

There are many ways your company, organization or neighborhood can utikize the "in" campaign:

  • include the image in your scheduled ads with a unique phrase using "in"
  • use the phrasing and image in promotional materials
  • have employees, members or neighbors wear pins and/or t-shirts
  • develop promotional opportunities with the "in" campaign within your company, organization or neighborhood.

The possibilities are endless and we are happy to explore various ways for you to use the campaign!

Contact Info

Brianna Hansen
Campaign Manager - IN Wilmington
Mobius New Media

Phone: 302.475.9880 x 31